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Your one-stop destination for comprehensive financial solutions tailored for small to medium businesses.

With over 28 years of professional service, we have been a trusted presence in the heart of Norwood, specialising in a range of services, including Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Advisory. At AFM, we understand that each business is unique, and we are committed to providing personalised strategies to enhance your financial well-being. Whether you’re seeking specialised advice on Wealth Strategy or efficient refinancing and broking services, our expert professionals are here to guide you every step of the way.

Explore the possibilities with AFM Services – your trusted partner for financial success.

We are a progressive, fully serviced Advisory firm providing varied services, including accounting, taxation, advisory, financial planning and finance brokering. This is an amazing opportunity to work for a firm that will harness and help you develop your skills and reward you.

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    Our Reviews

    • Great service. Makes you feel important no matter what question you ask

      Rosette Zerella Avatar Rosette Zerella

      Great Team to be associated with, very friendly and knowledgeable always trying their best especially the AFM Wealth Management Team.

      John K Avatar John K
    • always a pleasure to have my tax business sorted by Erin at AMF. pleasantly fun but sharp on the deductions...good job Erin


      Wouldn’t go anywhere else. simon is the go to guy for all your tax needs. Helpful, friendly and professional…thx 4 everything, you guys are stuck with me now lol

      Ren Sommers Avatar Ren Sommers
    • I have been coming to AFM for many years for my end of year tax processing and have been happy with the experience.

      Victor Besz Avatar Victor Besz

      Very friendly and helpful. Will be returning for all our needs.

      Porsha Avatar Porsha
    • Friendly stafe, Excellent advice. I have been using AFM Services for over 25 years for personal and business needs. Would not go anywhere else

      ursula reardon Avatar ursula reardon

      Fantastic staff and excellent service. I highly recommend them.

      Trav Avatar Trav
    • Fantastic, very switched on and informed but still listen to everything I have to say. They've been a real education on how to save and or make money. They've done me well .

      Michael Svensson Avatar Michael Svensson

      AFM offer excellent services and support to their clients. The team at AFM are professional, kind, thorough and genuinely passionate about helping customers.

      Tasha Jones Avatar Tasha Jones
    • Great communication, quick response to query's and always happy to have a chat. Professional service.

      Wesley T Avatar Wesley T

      My 2021 tax return was lodged with information relating to another client. This error was only picked up when lodging my 2022 tax return. Not only is this a huge privacy breach, I have ended up with a large debt because of their error.

      senior1000rr Avatar senior1000rr
    • AFM have always provided our business with a very high level of service and advice. Professional, reliable, and highly recommended.

      Kirsty Newman Avatar Kirsty Newman

      I have been a customer of AMF Services for a few years now. I am exceptionally happy with my tax returns. I have received more money in my returns since I have started using this service.

      Lana Gill Avatar Lana Gill
    • The staff where very help full and helped me with my tax in areas I didn’t no about for my business Thanks for your help

      Tim Hazeldene Avatar Tim Hazeldene

      The two best things about AFM is their family culture and the service they provide customers is impeccable! Very professional, reliable and overall a great firm

      Casey Fraser Avatar Casey Fraser
    • Experienced and professional in all of their services.

      Dominic Pepicelli Avatar Dominic Pepicelli

      Fantastic, advice service and experience given

      Ken Anderson Avatar Ken Anderson
    • Outstanding people service always the best

      Anthony Timpano Avatar Anthony Timpano

      Have been using AFM for over 10 years now for all our business accounting and very happy with their service.

      Brendon Whiting Avatar Brendon Whiting

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